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Flash Stocktake Today until 14th Dec. 2018

Our one-off Super relocation sale will be a great opportunity to meet our wonderful team, have some Christmas cheer and grab a super special!

10-50% off EVERYTHING we have left on our shelves

  • 20% off books, DVDs and baby goods
  • 50% off short-dated products to assist IBS, sleep, immune function and antioxidant.
  • $2 health booklets – “Your Guide to Wellness”, “Stress Less”, “Pregnancy Care”, Your Guide to Detox” (RRP $5)
  • $5 shakers (for a quick protein smoothie Breakfast)
  • 50% off our signature blend herbal tea blend “Festivitea” & 20% off all other teas in stock
  • 20% off food products – Oat Free, Gluten free porridge; Fibre X, Low Carb chocolate
  • 20% off all Flordis products (including Ellura; Premular, Femular; Legalon, Gingkosan)
  • 20% off cleaning products – dishwashing liquid, handwash
  • 20% off Traumeel (cream for pain); Natural deodorants; paw paw cream, Kolorex intimate Care and Hopi Ear Candles
  • 15% off weight loss products including Ultralite sachets, Shake It weight loss shakes, Medirestore, ketobars and Empower foods
  • 15% off all practitioner only products (for our current clients who have authorisation for  repeats)
  • $49 for a 15 minute “Quick Script” consult with our Naturopath Rebecca Screen on Thursday 13/12 to assist your choice of practitioner only products
  • Loads of freebies and samples

Note – specials are for floor stock only. Products can be ordered and prepaid from Monday 3rd Dec. 12pm to Tuesday 4th Dec. 6pm.