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Healthy Hormones Workshop Sunday May 5th 1-5pm

Feel Great!

Are you suffering with:

* painful or heavy periods

* endometriosis


* irregular cycles

* menopausal symptoms

* fibroids

* polycystic ovarian syndrome

or * trying to conceive?

A wholistic approach using targeted nutritional, herbal and lifestyle interventions can help you manage these conditions and get you on the track to feeling so much better! We will discuss the drivers of hormone imbalance, experience some hands on balancing activities and give you take-home strategies to help straight away!

Join us for this interactive and informative workshop that includes:

Presentations by:

Naturopath and hormone specialist Rebecca Screen

Medical Scientist Doreen Schwegler

Hypnotherapist and Medical Scientist Angela Molluso

Nadia Viglianti – Yoga Instructor

Moira Tobin – Personal Trainer and Thermomix consultant

-Includes Yoga, healthy afternoon tea, gift bag, vouchers, samples, tastings and raffle for door prize

Cost:  $97 if pre-booked before 20th April or $127 if there are spaces left.