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Angela Cali Naturopath

Angela is a passionate educator and has helped many people achieve optimal health over the last 12 years. 

She  investigates the true cause of illness for you and tailors an individualised treatment plan according to your goals and needs.

She empowers and coaches her clients through their health treatment programs to achieve their health goals.

Angela uses a test called RBTI (saliva/urine) to ascertain on a biochemical level, your digestive function, liver function, kidney function, pH levels, & sugar levels.

Angela’s knowledge in using food as medicine is paramount to successful patient outcomes. 

She helps her clients to navigate personal challenges through holistic counselling sessions. 

Her expertise is in: 

-Women’s Health- menopause, hormonal disruption, PCOS, PMT, fertility and pregnancy 

-Gut issues- food intolerances/allergies, IBS, IBD, parasitic infections, SIBO, Lyme-like illness 

-Nervous System- stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks


B.Health Sc. (Naturopathy) – ACNM

Adv. Dipl. Nutrition

Adv. Dipl. Herbal Med.

Cert. Holistic Counselling

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