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Genetic Profiling

Did you know you can increase your energy, vitality and health by matching your nutrition and lifestyle choices to your own personal genetic profile? Compare the following cases. Winston Churchill smoked, had a very stressful job, was allergic to exercise yet he lived to a ripe old 90 years without any major health conditions. Jim Fixx authored “The Complete Book of Running”, and helped launch America’s fitness revolution, yet died at 52 of a massive heart attack. The point here is that it’s easier to predict what your body is capable of achieving and how you can optimise your health by determining your genetic make-up.

The good news is that:

  1. We are not destined to become what our genes tell us. How we express our genetic makeup is affected by our diet, exercise, lifestyle and nutrient intake. However knowing our predispositions can motivate and influence our lifestyle choices. It can also assist in those “tricky” scenarios where you might be doing all the right things (eating well, exercising etc), but the weight plat
  2. The cost is affordable. In the past such a test used to thousands of dollars, with no follow up or advice on how to take proactive measures.
  3. It’s safe, 100% reliable and accurate and uniquely you.

Take, for example, the MTHR gene. Variations in this gene can predispose one to increasing weight, cognitive decline (e.g. foggy memory, a predisposition to Alzheimer’s), predispositional to abnormal cell replication, increased miscarriage risk and fertility problems, and increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. A person may not express any symptoms if they are eating a folate rich diet, taking some appropriate supplements and exercising.

Furthermore, studies have shown that people who eat and life in accordance with their genes lose more weight and keep it off for longer than those who don’t know what their DNA is telling them.

Study: Use of Genetic profiling for weight loss and other health parameters

Doreen Schwegler (Bach. Sc.(RMIT), Dip.Ap.Sc.(SSNT) performed a pilot study involving 10 weight-loss clients with and without genetic profiling to see if knowledge gained made any difference to success of treatment. Results indicated that the use of genetic profiling is a useful tool in providing information to allow maximum compliance for preventative and proactive health care. Weight loss is an example where it can be a useful motivating factor to provide clues over and above diet and exercise.

How to do Genetic Testing:

  1. Call the clinic or email to discuss which profile would best suit your requirements and concerns.
  2. Request a kit to be sent to you. You’ll need to provide your credit card details prior to it being dispatched.
  3. Once the kit is received, follow the instructions for collection.
  4. Send the kit for testing (postage included in costs) in the envelope provided.
  5. You will be contacted in approximately 3-4 weeks once we receive the results.
  6. Your results will be emailed to you, and an appointment will be organised to go through the results with Doreen Schwegler (Medical Scientist and Naturopath). This is available via phone, Zoom, face-to-face or via email. The initial consult usually takes around 1 hour that gives you an overview of your results and recommended actions acording to your goals.
  7. A follow up a 2-3 weeks later is recommended to review pathology results,
  8. You will be then armed with comprehensive information regarding diet, nutritional support and preventive health measures to optimise your current and long-term health.
  9. Ongoing follow up visits are optional, to revisit the information presented, ask further questions, and to reassess your goals
  10. Current pricing:
  • Fitgenes 54 gene variants (SNPs) – Approx $500;
  • Bioceuticals – Individual profiles (Methylation, Hormones and Fertility, Mood and Cognition, Detoxification or Nutrigenomics $180 each; or Wellbeing bundle: $350 (save $299).